Jesus Without His Beard

Jesus with no beard.

I’ve always wondered what would happen if a person were to remove Jesus’s beard. ┬áBasically, I see images of Charles Manson fitting right in with the church’s curriculum without even being altered.

I mean, leaders in the LDS faith are not allowed to grow beards, so if Jesus were to appear shaved, would we recognize him? or is he more of an ideal, a wise bearded man whom we only know by his beard?

For more thoughts about that, tell me if this man, who also appears in churches all over the world, is the same man as the one above:

Modern Jesus

Since he is also Jesus, right?

Original Jesus

We wouldn’t fall for just any guy in a beard, would we?


This is not Jesus. He led a cult and murdered people.

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7 Responses to Jesus Without His Beard

  1. David says:

    Manson would need to have real shiny robe to deceive me.

  2. Sansabina says:

    ah, “This is not Jesus. He lead a cult and murdered people.” – is that Brigham Young?

  3. Tom Phillips says:

    Close but His hair is fairer and His eyes are blue.

    That was the description I was given by 2 witnesses before my appointment to see Him, during my Second Anointing.

  4. ishmael says:

    HEy can you do the akaine jesus without a beard?

    • Mithryn says:

      I wish. Someone did all these on my behalf who had far greater photoshop skills than I. Mine would come out as a stick figure.

  5. Cory says:

    Holy moly… it looks like Christopher Reeve. RIP Superman.

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